Sharon Norwood

Fine Arts Painter | Sculpture

Sharon Norwood is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in both 2D paintings and 3D ceramics.  Born in Kingston Jamaica, she studied in Canada and the United States receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the University of South Florida.

Artist Statement

When I was a little girl, I loved to play with my dolls, they helped me create a magical space for all my fantasies.  At age six, I came to realize that I had no black dolls.  This became a problem for me, my father recalls my insistence on having a doll that looked like me.  It wasn't that I didn't enjoy my white dolls, but rather they fractured my personal narratives of self, of identity and of culture.  It was important to me then as it is now, to see a visual representation of self.  The core of what informs my work is this desire. 


My work is urgent and spontaneous.  Most times I begin with just a general idea.  I find my way through to the end by engaging the work in some dialogue.  The answers to which leads to more questions and answers and problem solving which eventually resolves to a finished piece.